Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Tygerberg Photographic Society - 2019 Competition Entries

Bend it like Beckham

Hellooo - back again! Finally, after a break of over seven months!

But at least this job is done now - all my TPS entries for last year have finally been documented and published. To see the images, click on the "TPS entries" heading at the top of the page, and then on to the "2019" link. As is normal practice, click on any of the images to bring up a larger view.

The image above is the only one posted during the year that was placed first in its category, but unfortunately didn't make it as overall winner for the month. However, it is still supposedly my top image for the year, and hence gets pride of place above.

The shot was taken at the beautiful Cape Town Stadium, during a walk around during November 2018. The event was organised by one of my TPS colleagues, Karen Donaldson, and the time spent was thoroughly enjoyed by all who were there. This is the staircase leading down from the main area to the underground parking.

I also plan to do a few more posts this year, though they probably will only be fairly short in length. Well - that's the plan anyway - watch this space!

As usual, all comments are welcome!

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