Thursday, August 24, 2017

Tygerberg Photographic Society - August 2017

The set subject for the month was "Macro / Close-ups", probably my favourite photographic category, as I am fascinated by the whole new world that is unveiled when using a macro lens.

As Fuji haven't yet introduced an affordable macro lens into their range, I had to make use of my old faithful Canon 40D and 100ml macro lens for the macros. Each macro submission was produced by stacking nine different images in order to get an acceptable depth of field.

Also very happy with the results of the judging - three Gold award, and one Silver. These are the images submitted:

Inside a nastursium (Set print) - Gold

Viburnum flowers (Set digital) - Gold

Dry, dusty, and cloudy (Open digital) - Gold

Lighting the way (Open digital) - Silver
Till next month!

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